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Shenzhen, 130sqm

Gin and juice

Looking to upgrade their current brand image and interior, Tap&Co came to us to develop a sleek and minimalistic design for their beer and pizza concept. With a large array of local craft beers on tap and incredibly yummy Napoli-style pizzas, they located themselves in the newly developed One Avenue in Shenzhen. Rebranding themselves as “Tap&Co” the focus was on the extensive range of local craft beer, creating a place where people could hang and meet with their favorite or newest brews.

Understanding the clientele in Shenzhen and their craving for modern, unique interiors and experiences was an important part of the design process. Already established in Shenzhen the client placed importance on creating a design that was sleek, contemporary, and targeted the younger crowd that had a rapidly growing desire for good food and craft beer.

Catering to the warm climate large folding doors open the front of the space onto the terrace extending the space to the outside. Welcoming you in is a long bar, drawing you in with its brass beer tap wall glowing out from beneath the black hues beckoning you to choose.

Primarily as a taphouse we wanted to retain this sense of openness and the casual environment they create. We used simple timber furniture and chunky oak tables to reference traditional beerhouse and garden style. Around that, we built up a palette of dark, sleek, materials with interesting texture and richness. One of these materials was the counter tile. Having a dark material palette we were on the lookout for highly textural black tile. The client came across this lovely porous glazed Italian tile at a market which gave us the perfect effect. The sleek blackened steel with its raw, smooth, surface pattern contrasts against the roughness of the distressed concrete walls. Clean lines and concealed lighting play off against industrial signage and playful red neon. Soft, warm, lighting creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with brass highlights bringing a touch of chic.

Photography: Brian Chua

Thr Broken Dagger
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