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Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai, 230sqm

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Sweet and Sour-medium-hi-contrast-20
Sweet and Sour-medium-hi-contrast-9
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Sweet and Sour-medium-hi-contrast-16
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SWEET & SOUR: Gallery
EL LUCHADO: Projects

Upon first entry you arrive in a space mimicking a typical western Chinatown takeaway - gaudy Chinese lanterns, pale walls and waving lucky cat. Hidden behind a red beaded curtain you proceed to the main space which opens out into a sleek, industrial style restaurant and bar. Elevated floor platforms separate the dinners from the bar crowd. Soft lighting glows out from behind rustic perforated panels creating an intimate atmosphere. 

Project info

Project name: Sweet & Sour

Project address:  West Nanjing Lu, Shanghai, China

Gross area: 230sqm

Completion Date: May 2015

Wall Art and Branding: The Orange Blow Fish

Photography: Seth Powers

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