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Xiangyang Road, Shanghai, 51sqm

The Broken Dagger by hcreates1
The Broken Dagger by hcreates2
The Broken Dagger by hcreates3
The Broken Dagger by hcreates4
The Broken Dagger by hcreates5
The Broken Dagger by hcreates6
The Broken Dagger by hcreates7
The Broken Dagger by hcreates8
The Broken Dagger by hcreates9

Nestled between a hairdresser and a hot pot restaurant on an otherwise typical Shanghai street a large mural artwork has emerged. Spanning the full face of a site a long time occupied by a convenience store.  You could almost pass by, mistaking it for a boarded-up street art façade. Locally designed and installed on-site, it is unique, bold and unexpected, on closer inspection, a small doorbell hidden in plain sight within the yellow, white and black paint strokes, indicates that more lies beyond.

Inspired by the mythical stories and rituals of the gods, The Broken Dagger (TBD) was born.

Rooted on the concept of duality; good vs evil, classical vs contemporary and black vs colour. There is a playful relationship between dark, moody, classically inspired elements and bold, illuminated motifs. With esoteric allusions, it is intended to be easy to see, but harder to comprehend.

Playing with both restraint and exaggeration the space features some bold and iconographical pieces and it was important for the interior to complement rather than compete. hcreates employed the duality of black vs colour to help distinguish the relationship between the two. Feature elements are bold and unapologetic while the shell and surrounding spaces fall into a darkness of deep colours and textures.

Thr Broken Dagger

Project Credits:

Photography: Iris Song
Branding and Graphics: The Orangeblowfish

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