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Jungle 8

Elliot Stables , Auckland

The Broken Dagger by hcreates1
The Broken Dagger by hcreates2
The Broken Dagger by hcreates3
The Broken Dagger by hcreates4
The Broken Dagger by hcreates5
The Broken Dagger by hcreates6
The Broken Dagger by hcreates7
The Broken Dagger by hcreates8
The Broken Dagger by hcreates9

Jungle 8 is situated in the well-known site of Elliot Stables, central Auckland, New Zealand. A former warehouse space that was built in 1910 for Archibald Clark and Sons. The city has grown and changed dramatically around this historic site and the new owner took on the challenge of converting the back corner of this windowless, old brick space and recreating a new downtown landmark.

Jungle 8 is a bar and restaurant experience that embraces the high energy and immersive atmosphere of a bustling Southeast Asian Street. Inspired by the client’s experience and trips to Vietnam, the design captures the vibrant life, colour and lights from the city streets of Ho Chi Minh City. The motorbikes zooming past, the encroaching tropical jungle the street side eating nooks. Vibrant pink and purple hues wash over the bar floor, creating an soft, energetic city glow that encourages customers to relax, let go and enjoy themselves. A playful take on the saying “welcome to the jungle”, wild animals in 3D neon are nestled into masses of jungle planting.

Overhead, LCD screens bring to life the dynamic city and jungle, with planting moving gently in the breeze and artistic impressions of wild animals and themes moving bold colour. Curved, timber banquettes hug the edges, creating intimate dining tables facing out towards the central space and bar. Above the long central bar, a large, neon striped tiger, launches itself out of the jungle edge and over the patrons below. At one end of the space, nestled up in the jungle “treetops” is a private VIP room overlooking the main space. The playful space compliments the lively drinks and food menu which brings authentic flavors to complement the creative cocktail menu.

Hannah Churchill the founder and design Director of hcreates oversaw the project. “It was cool for hcreates to complete our first project back home in New Zealand. We had the opportunity to oversee the production of the majority of the element’s within the space as they were custom made by partners in China. From custom furniture, to lighting installation and even the plants it was great to bring this space from concept to execution”. On supervising a project form afar Hannah said “its great to collaborate with clients who have equally measure of vision and eye for detail to create something cool and not be afraid to take some risks”

Thr Broken Dagger

Project Credits:

Principal Designer: Hannah Churchill
Design Team: Alex Davies, Yicheng Zeng and Changwei Zhou
Photos: Sensor Studio
Branding and Graphic Design: plusminus union press

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