Xing Fu Li, Shanghai, 130sqm


Luneurs Boulanger + Glacier is situated in a busy little walking street in the Former French Concession, Shanghai. This french run neighborhood store consists of an onsite working bakery and front retail space. Views through to the back working space allow for the customer to visually interact with the baking process. The front shop space is intimate and compact combining traditional rustic elements with sleek modern surfaces. The presentation of the baked goodies, combine a more traditional display at the back with a minimalist "apple store" display on the counter.

Gold highlights, including a large gold convex mirror on the wall reference Luneur/the moon and bring an upmarket touch to the interior. Clean lines and distressed texture feature on the walls, floor and ceiling. The terrazzo floor inlaid with brass strips continue these lines, hand laid piece by piece over a number of days. This attention to detail within the shop design is also reflected in the quality and craft of the ice cream and baked product.


Photography: Guo yi

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