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Xintandi, Shanghai, 550sqm

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Cobra Lily is a Pan-Asian restaurant and bar located in Shanghai's popular Xintandi complex. Designed around a mysterious femme fatale, the design is a journey through her day and the myriad of places she hangs out.

The original early 1900's decorative Chinese archways have been kept creating a secret alleyway. Opening into this alleyway you discover the bar and lounge area. A two-storey atrium complete with a floating DJ booth creates a dramatic entrance. Lounge and dining areas sprouting from this area to form intimate pockets of dining space. Upstairs diners nestled in the top of the atrium look down over the lounge and bar area. The bathrooms are positioned at the end of a long dark corridor with secret agent themes. Raw concrete mixed with sleek finishes creates an upmarket urban chic in a relaxed setting.


The design concept for Cobra Lily centered on the creation of a mysterious femme fatale. Cobra Lily became a journey through her day and night-time escapades, a myriad of places where she hangs out to meet people, solicit information or plan her next move. Teasing around this theme enabled the concept to take on different elements in different areas of the space but all with hints and allusions to the mysterious Cobra Lily. As the space is part heritage the integration into the existing envelope became paramount and the success of this design lies in clever use of the many nooks and crannies. In this way, the diner's experience emulates her daily journey as you go from bar to restaurant or even to the bathroom you come across different design elements and features which pique your curiosity and draw you further into her world.


Project Info

Project name: Cobra Lily

Project address: Xintandi, Luwan District, Shanghai, China

Gross area:  442sqm

Completion date: 2016

Finishing materials: floors customer made print tiles. Walls: custom made print tiles and custom wallpaper   Ceiling: custom print tiles

Photographer: Seth Powers 


Featured on

architect magazine (Chinese)






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