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HuangPu District, Shanghai,  2700sqm

三楼休憩区域_摄影师Brian Chua
一楼接待处和咖啡_摄影师Brian Chua
三楼开放式健身区_摄影师Brian Chua
四楼泳池远景_摄影师Brian Chua
一楼入口_摄影师Brian Chua
四楼更衣室镜面_摄影师Graeme Kennedy
三楼楼梯休憩区_摄影师Graeme Kennedy
瑜伽教室3_摄影师Brian Chua
团课教室_摄影师Brian Chua
团课教室2_摄影师Brian Chua
三楼品牌标志_摄影师Brian Chua
灯箱标志_摄影师Brian Chua
四楼泳池正面_摄影师Brian Chua
四楼更衣室_摄影师Brian Chua
三楼更衣室2_摄影师Brian Chua
三楼楼梯细节_摄影师Brian Chua
桑拿_摄影师Graeme Kennedy
四楼泳池俯视_摄影师Graeme Kennedy
三楼开放式健身区4_摄影师Brian Chua
拳击区域_摄影师Graeme Kennedy

Bold wellness center, where functional fitness meets minimalist beauty, here we focused on atmosphere, texture and play with contrast between light and dark. Located in Shanghai’s premium Xintiandi area, we carefully curated a space with a few key materials and textures to create a refined and sleek design, balancing between the warm and the cool. Configured over three levels, we explore a recurring theme and balance between the light and dark, creating a journey and experience throughout the various levels and spaces.

Entering the space from the street is a soft but impactful lighter palette of calming neutrals. Here you are welcomed by the coffee bar and reception, a space to sit and relax, watching the bustle of the street from within.

After checking in you head up to the open gym areas. We boost the energy and atmosphere of the power and group fitness spaces with a contrasting palette of darker, moodier space. Raw concrete textured panels, with a sleek black linear ceiling create movement and energy. Strong linear lighting and illustrative graphics guide the customer through the space. Nestled at the end of the space, under a striking spiral staircase, sits a rest area. Warm timbers and fresh whites break the moodier atmosphere, swirling up towards the final level containing the swimming pool, changing and yoga spaces.

This level returns to a calmer and quieter palette of light, warm textures, encouraging recovery and respite. Entering the swimming pool, the space is flooded with natural light under an impressive, pyramid formed glass roof. Soft cream textured walls and floors with a beautiful moss coloured marble feature wall wrap the space. Changing room space compliments the atmosphere with clean, crisp lines and warm timber features. The Yoga and Pilate rooms are enveloped with warm oak walls and flooring, allowing for the body to meditate and focus.

Previously a gym, we looked to retain the existing walls where possible and reused existing flooring in back of house spaces and even as substrates for items like changing room counter tops, and all possible equipment was refurbished to help reduce the impact of renovation waste.



Project Name: Bold Wellness Club

Design Firm: hcreates interior design


Contact Email:

Lead Designer: Hannah Churchill

Design Team: Alex Davies, Harmony Wee May Cheer, Yan Peng, Pony Tseng, Heshan Li

Project Location: 616 Madang Road, Huangpi District, Shanghai

Completion Year: 2023

Gross Built Area: 2100sqm

Photo Credits: Brian Chua, Graeme Kennedy

Client: Bold Wellness Club

General Contractor: Dong Kang



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