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Yanping Lu, JingAn Shanghai, 256sqm

Bar Centrale
Bar Centrale-final-small-1
Bar Centrale-final-small-5
Bar Centrale-final-small-11
Bar Centrale-final-small-10
Bar Centrale-final-small-12
Bar Centrale-final-small-14
Bar Centrale-final-small-3
Bar Centrale-final-small-4
Bar Centrale-final-small-8
Bar Centrale-final-small-9
Bar Centrale-final-small-7
Bar Centrale-final-small-13

A casual Italian eatery and bar located in JingAn district. The interior uses both industrial and natural elements to give it a warm but sleek interior. Terrazzo and brass contrast against distressed steel, concrete and shipping pallets. Pops of red give a playful touch

Photography: Seth Powers

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